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Questions Meme, the second.♥

Questions asked by tsuruhime , les_lenne  &fariska !♥

Questions asked by tsuruhime 

1) If you have to, which mech from any of the gundam shows would you pilot and why?

Sheesh, that is difficult you know? But I guess any sniping one would do, since this is what I'm best at, I guess.
And since Buster looks lighter and appears to be more capable of non-sniping than Dynames & Cherudim, I would take Buster, I guess?
Duel would be cool and flashy, too, of course and maybe with some additional sniping equipment ... mh ... but I don't know if I'm too good at close combat. It would depend on that a lot, I think.
How about having me test all of them and then reconsider?xD

2) If you could spend a day with anyone, fiction or real, alive or dead, who will it be with, and why?

Oh, God. That is so difficult.
I think that someone like Jeanne d'Arc would be interesting to talk to, just to find out what really happened and how she experienced everything that happened to her. But maybe I don't really believe in God enough to be able to understand her.
Spending a day with Fai would also be very interesting and certainly entertaining.
But I'd obviously gain weight. Do I want that? No, not really. And who knows maybe I'd get involved in some conflict in some random dimension, which would be bothersome to both me and him.xD'
I think I'd go with Manjyome. Even if it's just to try and cheer him up a bit and have him have fun.
Even if we argue, since I actually like arguing.
Yzak would be another option but ... if I met him I'd like to meet everyone else, too, so ... that's not really a good idea.xD

Please, let me meet everyone?xD

3) If you're a student at duel academia, which dorm do you think you'd be in? Which one would you want to be in? Why?

Well, for obvious reasons I'd like to be in Obelisk Blue. I'd enjoy the attention and I'm not really satisfied with anything below the top.
My skills would probably put me into Ra Yellow instead, I guess. I don't really know if I could pull of a great practical test.
It would depend a bit on my luck and the examiner's deck, I think. And whether I'd had lots of time to just concentrate on dueling.
If I got lucky, also on the written exam, I'd maybe even reach Obelisk Blue. But considering my lazyness ... well, you get the idea.xD'

4) What's your favourite Discworld book and why?

I generally enjoy all of the Discworld novels, but I think my favourite one would be Thief of Time.
I really like the novels featuring Death and Susan, while I also came to like Losang, Myria and Lu-Tze and totally ship Lobsang/Susan. No one can just ignore a perfect moment, can they?
I also enjoy plottwists, which are always great but in this case especially.

Runner-ups would be Hogfather, Going Postal, Making Money, Lords and Ladies and The Nightwatch.
I love all of them. Really.

5) If Hollywood makes a film of your life so far, what song would be played in the ending credits?

No clue. Really.
I'd go with Kelly Clarkson's Miss Independent because I just listened to it while driving home in my car.
I think the lyrics suit what I actually want to be and what I am like just now.
I never had a boyfried because I didn't bother and still don't. But that might change someday.
I also don't like to relay on others too much, either, since they mostly let you down. (During group work and stuff, I like to work alone.)
They sometimes also take advantage of your achievements and sell them as their own, which makes me go RAAAAWR! in every way.
So ... yeah.
Maybe something else would fit better, but I can't think of much now.xD'

EDIT 2010-05-01:

Questions asked by [info]les_lenne 

1) Which romantic scene from any kind of medium do you like best?

Oh my God. I guess I'd need hours to really get the right answer to that one. Hours of rewatching movies and rereading books.
So I'll just give you an answer that won't satisfy either of us:
I love Episode 47 from YGO GX. Manjyome's dream and the scene when he talks to Fubuki at the scene, especially.
I consider both romantic. And I love them.

2) Which movie you think would better work as a book and vice versa?

Uh. I can only say that I would be interested in a movie version of a book I recently read.
It's Laura Whitcomb's A certain Slant of Light which I imagine to be wonderful when acted out nicely.
I really loved the book and would like to see that happen. Especially since I guess the emotions of the leading Character would be easily viewable without too many words and I think it'd be nice to have her be the narrator, too.
For the reverse ... while I love the movie adaptions of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather and The Colour of Magic & The Light Fantastic, I still prefer the books. Some things just don't come across that well because of the missing fabulous narration.♥

3) What is your earliest memory?

My mum washing my hair and bathing, I guess. I loved that. ♥
Or the ballon exploding right next to me. Which gave me a trauma. I still hate these things and am afraid of them.
Don't know which came first.

4) Ketchup or mustard?

Ketchup, totally. I loath mustard, sorry.xD'

5) Your guilty pleasure -- back when you still were a small kid?

Sitting in my sandbox and throwing sand on the top of my head. That was so fun.
Especially because everyone came running to clean me up again.
Yes, I always was quite the attention whore.

Questions asked by[info]fariska 

1. Do you enjoy scarying people? XD

As a matter of fact, I do. But you already noticed that. I see no way how you couldn't have noticed at least.xDD
I think that people's reactions to me being scary are very funny to watch.
Also: People are generally more honest when frightened.
I think that's both entertaining and interesting~
You are one of my favourite victims for sure~~♥

2. What is your favourite meal~?

Oh, that's difficult. But I would say either a medium steak (Chie, hello there!) or salmon~
I don't really care much about sidedishes but I dislike potatoes and enjoy spinach and rice with my salmon.♥
I also really like Indian food~ And the usual amount of pizza and pasta~

3. Imagine you're a game character; describe yourself and your role/skills/etc.

Bitchy runaway princess, who has a fiancée she loathes and some unexpected fighting skills when she's angry.
Behaves much tougher than she really is and cries herself quietly to sleep when no-one's watching.
Gets kidnapped somewhere along the way, but bitches right at the hero once he comes to rescue her, stating that she would have gotten out of there by herself and was just waiting for the right moment.
Surprisingly diplomatic and sweet once needed to be. Otherwise not really your favourite discussion partner. She's always right at everything, but actually quite protective of her country and those she feels close to. But so not going to admit that.
And very much into cute clothes, spotting frills and bows.

4. What part of the body you enjoy drawing the most?

It's the hair, I think. I like the many different ways you can dipict that.
And really someone's hair is one of the most important things to recognize the character afterwards.
Sometimes it's a bitch, just as everything is, but it's mostly fun.
Another hairdo or showing motion within the hair can change a picture completely.
Second place would be eyes, I guess~

5. What kind of gifts you like to receive?

Money. Because there is always the possibility that something else won't suit my taste.
I also enjoy receiving books, but there's no guarantee I'll really like the one you give me, so ... money is the safe option.
But every kind of present is GREAT of course. The thought is what counts most of all.
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