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Meme: Your very own Tv Tropes page!

A post after 2 months of absence here on LJ.
It feels like it's been even longer.
But I rarely - read: never - have the time to check here since I am still working, let alone post something myself.
This post is my exception, just so you know I'm still alive and well, guys. ♥

The follwing is a meme, that might already exist (I'm actually sure it has to, since everything does exist on the Internet), but I just made it up thinking it could be entertaining and because I am very dedicated to TV Tropes again, recently.

So it goes like this:

1 -- Give your page a name and make it Tv Tropes character/celebrity style!

2 -- List all the tropes / as many tropes as you can think of that apply - or don't - to yourself.

3 -- Make them more detailed by explaining them - that is if they are not self-explaining.

4 -- Have your friends add Tropes that you might have forgotten (or purpose maybe too?) and comment on the tropes you already have posted.

5 -- Tag as many people as you want to do the meme as well !


Describe Yumi here and only Yumi.

Tropes that apply to Yumi:

Anime Character tropes:

Adult Child
Author Avatar : Actually started out as this back ... when it all began.
Big Eater : Clearly averted.
But Not Too Foreign : Somehow considering her chosen surname these days (Leighhazen) and her actual ethnic background in real life (probably Hungarian surname, Russian/Spanish/Italian first name (Elena) and a combination of German and Slavic blood, so ... yeah.).
Clingy Jealous Girl
Cosplay Otaku Girl : Has a goal of becoming this.
Covert Pervert
Dojikko : But it's seldom cute. Or Is It ?
Elegant Gothic Lolita : Preferred dress code. If only she could afford it.
Fangirl : And HOW.
Forgotten Childhood Friend : And if not forgotten than ignored in other cases.
Genki Girl : Most of the time.
Heavy Sleeper
Hot Blooded
Ill Girl : Was this when she was younger. Sometimes still applicable if you count all of her allergies.
Meganekko : But rarely seen with them, if she is able to avoid it. Wearing contacts if possible.
Occidental Otaku : Naturally.
Ojou : Even as a nickname, but not so heavy on the money part.
Ordinary High School Student : Was this for the last three years. (But you need to define "Ordinary" first ...)
• Both Otaku and Otaku Surrogate
Outside Man Inside Man : With Yume and sometimes with others, too.
• Both The Rival and Unknown Rival Or Is It ?)(to her Athrun. (Naturally also Schoolgirl Rival )
Ronin : Averted.
Tall Dark And Bishoujo : ... or not.
Tall Dark And Snarky : ... except for the tall part.
Tsundere : And HOW.
Yaoi Fangirl

Characterization Tropes:

Always Someone Better
Ambition Is Evil
Annoying Laugh
Apologises A Lot : Once she's getting started with it ...
Attention Whore : Once again: AND HOW.
Bad Dreams which are sometimes Dreaming Of Things To Come
Berserk Button : Has plenty of those.
Beware The Honest Ones
Beware The Nice Ones
Brilliant But Lazy
Catch Phrase
Common Sense : Certainly hopes she still has some of that left.
Creature Of Habit
Daddy's Girl and also very much Mommy's Girl.
Deadpan Snarker
Don't Look At Me : especially once you add an "LIKE THIS" to it.
Don't You Dare Pity Me
Even Bad (Wo-)Men Love Their Mamas ... once you think she's bad ...
Evil Laugh : Certainly able to pull this off convincingly.
Evil Sounds Deep
Genre Savvy
I Am What I Am
Must Make Her Laugh ... or practically everyone.
Never Got To Say Goodbye ... even though she expected that there'd be no next time.
Not A Morning Person
Older Than They Look : At least her mother says that.
Only In It For The Money : Work is an example. But who isn't?
Real (Wo-)Men Eat Meat
Shipper On Deck
There Are No Coincidences
Think Nothing Of It : Mostly being Tsundere or just when it wasn't all that great in her eyes.
Write Who You Know
Wrong Genre Savvy
Younger Than They Look : At least some people working at shops she goes to think that.

Other tropes:

Brown Eyes which border to Hazel Eyes
Curtains Match The Window
Cloudcuckoolander : To a mild degree (Or Is She ?)
Brainy Brunette
Purple Is The New Black and if not look at the next one.
Woman In Black ... fairly often
Cross Dressing Voices did/does this with passion.
Talking To Herself has already been doing that and it wasn't half bad. (Or Was It?)
Uncanny Family Resemblance : No doubt with her mother. Even the voice is the same, no kidding. (Also to her grandma and great-grandma on her mother's side.)
Raised By Grandparents : To an extent.
Idiot Hair: Fairly often ... mostly combined with Unkempt Beauty ... (cross out the Beauty, though...)
Neat Freak : Likes to have everything in order but NOT when you TELL HER to tidy up.
• Serious Business: Basically everything ís this to her? 
He Is Not My Boyfriend : Whenever she says that, she really means it and not the opposite.
Japanese Politeness : Pulls off this towards others when saying what she really wants to say (aka SHOUTING INSULTS) would backfire on her as a disadvantage for the future.  
Captain Obvious : Yume: "That flower house really is small, isn't it?" Yumi: "Well, the flowers are, too?"
•  Verbal Tic : "Nyooooo~", "Nyaaaa~", "Miau~" in all their variations with "?", "!" and "..."
Why Did It Have To Be Snakes: With insects, especially Spiders!
Cassandra Truth: "And next they'll have Misawa-kun run across the campus without any clothes on." 'nuff said.

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