Yumi Leighhazen (yumimuto) wrote,
Yumi Leighhazen

Uh, hello? Do you still know me?

This is the first entry since August ...
And that really scares me! Q___Q
I used to really like making entries on LJ. It was part of my life! But now most of this has moved to Plurk because it's much quicker and I am just lazy. DX
I should try to come back to this here since I used to love it so much. ;____;

♣ What's new ...
Well, I'm a University student now and study English and German to become a teacher.

Oh, wait- I should study English, but I was kicked out of all of the courses I got into so ... no English for me this semester. xD' 
I am still undecided about whether this sucks or not - the freetime doesn't to be honest though.xD'
But it kinda bugs me cause I have to it at some point and ... well.xD'
Someone suggested to me to change subjects in the summer, since it would be a good oppurtunity but ... this just doesn't feel right considering that English used to be my top priority.xD' Now I really enjoy German so I am not all that sad but ... I just won't think about something like dropping English just yet, no.xD'

♣ Our Theatre group will perform the weekend after this and ... we practice practically every evening from now on.xD'
Starting tonight we'll practice on the actual stage, which we haven't done ever before.xD' 
And I am so ill, I don't know if I'll make it.xD' (Actually I am better already but ... that cold annoys me.DX)
I'll surely enjoy my sleep tonight. ♥

Tags: acting, rl, university
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