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Well. Just being random, But whatever.XD'

Today there was a new Chapter of Hana to Akuma out online, so ... I just felt a certain urge to draw Vivi, one of the main-characters.
It's completely random to do that, but I had to prove that I am still able to draw. Especially to myself.
Having to try thrice (!) on drawing Manjyome-kun on Monday made me wonder about that too much.

So. Yeah. The quality is crappy PC-camera ... but I was too lazy to go to the other PC to scan it. Sorry.
He looks even more like Lelouch when I draw him than in the actual manga. And here I thought that was impossible.

Why is it that I am able to almost draw something decent in ... about 2 minutes and with a pen on a notepad but not in about an hour on a real piece of paper with a pencil?
I just don't get it.
Tags: being random, drawing, hana to akuma
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